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Early warning system

12 July 2022
‘I always try to maintain a clear conscience before God and all people.’

One of the most important parts in a country’s defence network is the early warning system. It alerts the military to potential incoming attacks and allows them to prepare to meet it. And God placed an early warning system within each of us to help us discern good from evil and protect us from harm – it’s called a conscience. We mustn’t ignore its promptings, silence its voice, or allow its sensitivity to decrease. We shouldn’t be troubled when our conscience bothers us. It’s simply alerting us to the fact that something isn’t right and we need to get God involved. But we should be troubled when our conscience doesn’t bother us when were faced with something we know is wrong, because that’s a sign our early warning system has failed.

Here are ten principles we can use for keeping our consciences clear: 1) Always pay attention to the inner nudging that makes you stop and question your decisions. 2) Think of your conscience as a God-given filter that helps keep your heart pure. 3) Examine your motives in all ‘giving’ situations. 4) If you think you might have hurt someone’s feelings, ask for forgiveness. 5) Invite God to examine your heart and reveal changes that need to be made in your attitudes and actions. 6) To the best of your ability, don’t get involved in tempting or compromising situations. 7) Consider others first, and honour them with your words and actions. 8) Remember that your conscience is your moral compass. 9) Establish ethical guidelines in everything you do. 10) When a thought leaves you feeling unsettled, take time to pray and talk about it with someone you trust. Keep your personal early warning system well maintained, and listen to what it tells you.


What Now?

Have a read through the 10 points in today’s reading. Are there any that you particularly need to work on? Ask God to help you improve in those areas so you can keep your ‘early warning system’ well maintained.

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