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Start your day with God

28 January 2023
‘My voice You shall hear in the morning, O Lord.’

When we build the habit of starting each day with God, we’ll have a source of strength to draw on all day long. Psychologists say it takes up to three weeks to become familiar with a new habit, and another three before it takes root. That means we need to persevere beyond the six-week barrier. So, do these:

1) Make a strong resolution. If we begin half-heartedly, we’ll never get there. The Bible says, ‘Encourage one another daily’ (Hebrews 3:13 NIV). If it helps, become accountable to someone. Ask them to encourage you and remind you of the promise you made to God.

2) Never allow an exception. A habit is like a ball of twine: every time you drop it, some of the strands unwind. So don’t allow ‘just this once’ thinking to creep in. Every time we give in and say ‘just this once’, our will weakens and we lose a bit more ground.

3) Take every opportunity to practise your new habit. Whenever you get the slightest urge to read your Bible and pray, do it. Don’t wait; use that moment to reinforce it. It doesn’t hurt to overdo a new habit when you’re first starting.

4) Rely on the power of God. We’re in a spiritual battle, and we need God’s help to come out victoriously. We can depend on Him to help us develop a habit for His glory.

So, write down the following words, sign your name at the bottom, and keep them with you: ‘Father, I commit myself to beginning each day with You, and I’m depending on You to help me be consistent.’ That’s a prayer He’ll be delighted to answer.


What Now?

Set a reminder on your phone to start the day with God every day for the next six weeks. Whether it’s prayer time, Bible study, listening to a worship song, or just enjoying His presence in silence, make God part of your morning routine.

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