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20 January 2023
‘He heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds.’

When we’ve gone through a breakup or we’re recovering from a bad relationship, we need to give ourselves time to heal. We should be careful not to let the pain of rejection or loneliness prompt us to rush into another one. Some wounds take longer to heal than others, but we can rely on this promise: ‘He heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds.’

Often after a breakup, we start doubting our self-worth, and might even think we’re unlovable. If any of this is lining up with how you’re feeling today, all God asks is that you give Him a chance. A good way to start the healing process with Him is to take time to search His Word to find out how He feels about you. His opinion is the only reliable foundation on which to build your self-worth. If a perfect God with full knowledge of your struggles and failings can love you, you can be sure that you have value, no matter what anyone else may lead you to believe about yourself.

When we’re ready to begin a new relationship, we need to check that we’re not acting out of the worry of being alone and jumping in too quickly. Refusing to rush might mean people walk away, but if they can’t take our caution seriously and be supportive, they’re probably not the person God had in mind for us anyway. There’s no pressure for us to be in a relationship (and we mustn’t let others pressurise us), so we can take our time, pray about it, and get God’s wisdom on it before making a decision.


What Now?

Make a list of all the things that remind you of how much you’re loved and valued by God – it could include Bible verses, songs, messages He’s given to you during prayer times, or anything else that helps you be aware of how much He cares about you.

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