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It matters to God

29 January 2023
‘Give all your worries and cares to God.’

American trucker Doug Coldiron shared this testimony of answered prayer:

‘My Jack Russell Terrier, Dee Dee, rides shotgun on my road trips. We were playing fetch outside Atlanta when something caught her eye and she shot into the woods. I paced the perimeter calling her name. I alerted other truckers and searched until it was pitch black. Nothing. Eventually the others left; some said, “I’ll pray for you.” I wasn’t so sure God was listening. I’d already been praying for hours. Next morning, I had to get on the road, and when I opened my laptop and pulled up my Facebook page, it was filled with postings: “We’re praying for you.” “Hang in there.” “Trust God.” I felt comforted; someone besides me was worried about my dog. If only I could get back to Atlanta soon! I thought about praying, “Lord, get me an assignment in Atlanta…NOW!” I knew that could take weeks, but when I clicked on my company website to check the destination for my next job…it was Atlanta! Could prayer be working?

'Next morning my cell phone woke me. It was Russ, the maintenance supervisor. “I saw your dog on my way to work.” I couldn’t believe my ears. I had to get to Atlanta! From the truck centre, Russ drove me to where he had seen Dee Dee. After searching for hours, I glanced over my shoulder…and there she sat on the doorstep of a house. She bolted over, and as I picked her up, I prayed, “Thank you, God.”’

The Bible says, ‘Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you’ (v.7 NLT). Coldiron adds, ‘One thing I know is we’re never alone. God always answers prayer.’


What Now?

Are you holding back on telling God about something that’s on your mind because you think it’s not worth bothering Him about or you’re unsure it’ll make any difference? If it matters to you, it matters to Him, so take a few minutes today to tell Him anything (big or small) that’s stealing your peace.

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