Our stories share a lot about us: our hopes, dreams, plans, and how we are fulfilling our God-given purpose.


“When I was in my coma I met with God, he said to me “I’m not ready for you yet”…God had the purpose of my life into being a living testimony, a living demonstration of what work He can do. It’s made me stronger knowing that I have a purpose.”​

Christina Sweeney's story - purpose



Like Christina, wherever we find ourselves in life, God is in control. He knows the bigger picture. He knows what’s best for us. He knows the right timing for things to happen. He’s completely trustworthy. 

So today, let’s surrender everything to Him: every plan, dream, hope, fear, emotion and situation.

UCB is here to help more people discover their God-given purpose, through UCB Radio, the UCB Word for Today, Prayerline and more. We are passionate about helping more people live life to the full! 


Here are just a few more inspirational stories from UCB’s readers, listeners and viewers:


God's purpose, in the middle of tragedy

‘I said to the Lord, whatever I’ve gone through, please will You use it for good.’ ​


The Power of a story - Danielle Gault

‘Doing business with God is the greatest adventure of my life.’


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