‘He has sent me to comfort the brokenhearted' Isaiah 61:1 NLT


UCB Word For Today reader and UCB Radio listener Amelia has experienced ‘comfort’ from God during the hardest of times, and then gone on to help others in her community in a truly incredible way:

“After giving birth to my second child, I suffered with post-natal depression. I ended up comfort eating and my health suffered. It was my darkest time; I felt worthless and no good at being a mum. I thought my family would be better off without me. But by God’s amazing grace, He STILL had a purpose for me…At times when I feel lonely and without purpose I always have the UCB Word For Today to comfort me. I know that every day God’s words will guide and give me the strength I need to fulfil His plans for my life.”

Amelia's Story | UCB



Your prayers and generosity can make all the difference for someone like Amelia.  Her story shows that, however low you feel, and however isolated, God can use you to do incredible things.  Your gift will empower and give hope to more people through the UCB Word For Today, UCB Radio and much more. To give today, simply click here or call 01782 911 000.

It is always so amazing to think about what God does for each one of us.  But what can you do to help others – and help yourself – physically, spiritually and emotionally?

The UCB Kindness Challenge gives you some great ideas on how you can show Compassion in Action to those around you.  Each day of the wall planner has a challenge to complete, and a Bible verse for you to reflect on, reminding you of God’s love and kindness towards you.  You can order your UCB Kindness Challenge wall planner here.



Watch the below videos to hear how God uses people’s stories for his purpose:

‘The Lord had said “Paul, it’s my plan, I just want you to be obedient” and it’s wonderful and it’s been transformational in my life…and I’m just going to keep listening.’



From lap-dancing to true love -Chantell's Story | UCB

‘He’s restoring everything that was taken from me and everything that was broken. God’s brought it all back together, and given me more now than I ever had before.’


Alice's story

‘I didn’t want the pain, I didn’t want the hurt, I didn’t want the rejection anymore, I didn’t want the anger…towards myself… I realised that really the only person I could rely on was God.’



2018 014 Paul Belton Word For Today Testimony

‘Mike was a single dad after his marriage had left him quite broken but he “always knew that God had a plan’.


Church Ambassador Margaret speaking at an event


We also have three amazing church ambassadors who have great stories of what God has done in their lives,
you can hear their stories, and you can also book them to speak at your church – for more information click here.