Celebrating lives transformed

‘I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing… This is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit, showing you to be my disciples.’ John 15:5-8 (NIV)


When we stay connected to God and sow the seeds of His love, lives are transformed.

Barbara is an example of someone who stayed connected to God and saw many lives transformed; often in a truly dramatic way. With her husband John, she helped set up the UCB Prayerline, which now receives thousands of calls each month:

“This young lady had taken 60 tablets so time was of the essence… she was in the middle of the bombing at the time, frightened to go out, frightened to go to church... I said, ‘Well God’s got a purpose for your life and you need to be alive to see it though.’”

Watch Barbara’s incredible story of how it all began and hear about just one of the lives that the UCB Prayerline has helped to transform.

Barbara's Story | UCB


Every day we hear stories of the lives that God has transformed though the UCB Prayerline, UCB Word For Today and UCB Radio, stories just like that young lady’s.

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We’d love to hear from you, and to encourage others through your story.

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Watch the below videos to hear how God uses people’s stories for his purpose:

Jeanne's Story | UCB

“I felt so lost…but luckily I was able to listen to UCB…that kept me going every day going in. Listening to other people’s stories made me feel like I need to call on the Lord myself…to just encourage me, to stand”.


'I’ll never forget the person that just took a few moments to listen to me and to pray with me. [It’s] “an unseen thing that is rescuing and helping families, extending the kingdom of God.'

Amelia's Story | UCB

“I felt worthless and no good at being a mum…At times when I feel lonely and without purpose I always have the UCB Word For Today to comfort me. I know that every day God’s words will guide and give me the strength I need to fulfil His plans for my life.”


Alice's story

‘I didn’t want the pain, I didn’t want the hurt, I didn’t want the rejection anymore, I didn’t want the anger…towards myself… I realised that really the only person I could rely on was God.’



UCB Ambassadors


We also have a group of amazing UCB ambassadors who have great stories of what God has done in their lives,
you can hear their stories, and you can also book them to speak at your church – for more information click here.