UCB Europe

United Christian Broadcasters is a family of affiliated Christian Media Ministries with a common vision of communicating the Gospel message around the world. UCB is unique because all our Affiliates are autonomous but they work together as a united group with shared goals. 


UCB Ireland

 ‘Serving the Church, Reaching the Nation’
A charity since 2009 - broadcasting on digital platforms, satellite, cable and app, from studios in South Dublin. Over 20,000 copies of the devotional The Word for Today are distributed every quarter.


UCB Italia  

UCB Italia was birthed in February 2012 when 3,000 copies of The Word for Today (Gocce dal Cielo) were printed and distributed in Northern Italy. Now 30,000 copies are distributed. In 2015 UCB Radio, named Onde dal Cielo, was born.


UCB France

From a local radio station to a European francophone radio network – PHARE FM.   
The Word for Today (Parole du Jour) is having a significant impact throughout France in print, audio and social networks.


UCB Danmark

UCB Danmark is located in Copenhagen, with radio programmes being broadcast across Copenhagen on two transmitters. The Word For Today is distributed in Denmark (…et Ord til Dagen), Norway (…et Ord for Dagen), Sweden (… ett Ord för Dagen), Greenland (Ullormut oqaaseq) and the Faroe Islands.


UCB Estonia

Raadio 7 (founded in 1992) broadcasts Christian and cultural radio programmes 24/7, covering almost 70% of Estonia from four FM transmitters. The Word For Today (Sõna Tänaseks Päevaks) is also published.


UCB Hungary

210,000 copies of the Hungarian The Word for Today (Mai Ige) are currently published and distributed. There are 220 prayer partners.  


UCB Albania

UCB Albania is a recently established ministry which currently has The Word For Today (Fjala për sot) in Albanian on the website rather than in print – as the youthful population prefers to source it online – at www.ucbalbania.com and www.fjalapersot.com


UCB Romania

30,000 copies of The Word for Today is distributed in the Hungarian language to the Hungarian population. The Romanian Language version also commenced in April 2018 with a print run of 30,000 copies. The website (for the Romanian language edition) is www.mesajuldeazi.ro/