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Taking communion

22 January 2023
‘He took bread, blessed and broke it.’

What does taking communion mean for you? Does it feel a bit meaningless, like a ritual that you’re expected to go through to look like a good Christian, or do you see it as time spent close to Jesus? Read the story of Cleopas and his companion in Luke 24. They were travelling home to Emmaus when Jesus suddenly appeared and walked along with them. First He opened their eyes to see that the crucifixion wasn’t the tragedy they thought, but the fulfilment of a prophecy and God’s way to redeem a lost world; something to celebrate, not be sad about! Later, as He sat in their home and ate supper with them, ‘he took bread, gave thanks, broke it and began to give it to them. Then their eyes were opened and they recognised him’ (v.30-31 NIVUK).

Are you battling fear and doubt today? Are you wondering if God will keep His promise to you? He will! Earlier that day, Cleopas and his companion met some women who had just been to the empty tomb and reported that Jesus was alive. But try as they might, they couldn’t believe it. This story proves that Jesus loves doubters enough to walk with them, take away their fears, and strengthen their faith. And guess when He did it? As they broke bread with Him.

So next time you’re taking communion, stop and pray, ‘Lord, speak to me. Show me Your will and Your way.’ He’ll be delighted to answer that prayer. We might be feeling anxious or confused about the way to go, but if we’re spiritually hungry, He’ll show up and meet us at the point of our need.


What Now?

Next time you take communion, try remembering the story of Cleopas and his friend in Luke 24. Pray that your eyes would be opened to the presence of Jesus in your own life.

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