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Leadership can be incredibly rewarding, but as most leaders know, it can also come with many challenges. If you're a leader in business, church, or your local community, UCB’s Foundation events are for you. They're designed to be a ‘spiritual oasis’, a time spent in the presence of God away from the busyness.

In the book of Nehemiah (the cupbearer to the king). Nehemiah was moved by the devastation of Jerusalem's ruined walls, and he felt called to rebuild them. Only with God's help was he able to devise a strategy that eventually saw the Lord's glory restored to this ancient city.

As leaders, we will all experience times when our walls feel broken or crumbling, and we need God to bring fresh revelation and rest to our spirits. Come and join us for prophetic worship, inspirational teaching, prayer, and networking - a place where you can rebuild, renew, and restore.

Foundation events are held in-person at UCB’s Operations Centre in Stoke-on-Trent, with a morning and afternoon session (with lunch in-between) and an opportunity to network with other leaders. 

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