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21 January 2023
‘God causes everything to work together.’

When Joseph was thrown into prison, it was hard for him to see how this road would lead to the fulfilment of his dream. But it did. That’s because God had a plan for his life. And He has one for yours too! The circumstances you’re in now might not be where you’d like to be, but they might just be preparation for the task God really has in mind for you. If you stay faithful, a time will come when you can look back and realise how God directed your steps (see Psalm 37:23).

If you’re in a situation that’s harming your mental, physical, or emotional wellbeing, it’s important to get help and get out if necessary. But if it’s just that you’re uncomfortable or you’d simply prefer to be somewhere else, try to keep in mind that God puts us in places for a reason – and for a season. So look for what you can learn, complete the tasks He’s given you to do right now, accept His tests, grow in confidence and knowledge, and then move on to what God’s lined up next.

There’ll be qualities you’ve picked up that need to be taken into your new assignment – things like skill building and character development. You might have learned some new IT or programming skills – plus patience and gratitude. Maybe you learned how to manage a team – plus how to manage your moods. When you’re led by God, no experience is ever wasted because ‘God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them’ (Romans 8:28 NLT). God knows what He’s doing, so trust Him; He uses every experience to bring about His will and fulfil our joy.


What Now?

Try to look for a little spark of joy in everything, even in the tasks you don’t like doing. Ask God to help you if you need a bit of a perspective shift.

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