UCB Kingdom Academy
  1. The UCB Kingdom Academy is designed to uniquely equip the church for growth using a blend of five pillars:

  2. Media, Ministry, Mission, Management and Music.

  3. At its heart, the UCB Kingdom Academy is focused on empowering people of all ages to reach their God given potential.


We offer everything from weekend workshops through to a full-time Media Programme.

If your heart is full of dreams and you’re looking for a new adventure in helping to build God’s Kingdom, the UCB Academy could just be what you’re looking for!

The dates are as follows:

Media Programme

September 2024 - June 2025 (10 months)
January 2025 - June 2025 (6 months)
September 2025 - June 2026 (10 months)



Worship Weekends

18th - 19th October
6th - 7th December



Worship Weeks

16th - 21st June



For an informal chat or to request more information, email Rachel at training@ucb.co.uk.



What people say about the Worship Weekend



What people say about the Worship Weekend:

The reason I signed up was because I love singing, I love worship, and I have been involved in worship groups before, and I just wanted any excuse to actually join together with others and worship, learn and grow, and be stretched. Although the schedule is really full, it is jam-packed with goodness.

Friday night was just incredible! We had some worship, some teaching, and we just enjoyed God’s presence – it was so amazing.

In this environment, where you’ve got qualified worship leaders who are really equipped and excellent at what they do, they encourage us to lean into excellence as well.

I’ve been learning a lot, and I really want to encourage you to come along.

Ruth O'Reilly Smith, UCB Presenter (pictured)

Ruth O'Reilly Smith, UCB Presenter