Your choice today can change lives tomorrow


We’re so glad you’re part of the UCB Family

Thank you for being with us for so many years, for including UCB as part of your life and faith. It feels like we’ve spent a lifetime with our most faithful supporters like you, unpacking God’s Word together. Every time you’ve turned to the UCB Word For Today or switched on UCB Radio or maybe even phoned UCB Prayerline, it was a precious opportunity for UCB to bring God’s Word into your space. So if you’re now considering leaving a gift in your will to UCB, we just want to say ‘thank you’.

On this page, you will find the next steps to leave a gift to UCB in your will, either through your own solicitor or through taking up the offer of a free will service through our partners, Farewill. Whether you choose our Freewill service or your own solicitor – choosing to leave a gift in your will to UCB may be a lot easier than you think. If you wish to use the Freewill option, please scroll down to the bottom half of the page.


Grandad and Grandson on laptops


A history of faith

Back in 1986, our founder, Ian Mackie, was told there was no way he could launch a Christian radio station in the UK. It was simply not possible. But more than 20 years later, UCB Radio was launched – and it has been changing lives ever since. 


UCB History Timeline



A vision for the future

10 years on, when a pandemic struck, the way we practiced faith changed. Church doors closed. Faith relocated online. And more people than ever sought God’s Word through new media. We’ll never completely go back to the old ways – so UCB’s ministry will be crucial for future generations of believers and seekers.


I see every generation, young and old, knowing their worth and experiencing value and purpose for their lives...



How your gift makes an impact

UCB depends wholly on the generosity of people like you to provide our daily devotionals, Christian radio, Prayerline services, and so much more. UCB choose not to sell advertising so that the Word of God comes to you undiluted and uninterrupted. Our mission will always be to reach every person, in every place, every moment of the day with God’s Word. Your gift will help us to continue supporting churches and meeting more people, right where they are, with the Good News of the God who loves them and can transform their lives.



‘I can't remember if I notified you but we have added an instruction when we revisited our wills last year for UCB to have a legacy. For over 30 years, the daily readings have been 'a rock'; many times the daily reading has comforted, advised and inspired us. God bless you all.’

Kate & Stephen


Kate & Stephen


Our promise to you

A gift in your will is a way of ensuring the things you value in life continue in years to come. When you leave a gift in your will to UCB, we promise:

  • Your loved ones come first – we respect that
  • We’ll use your gift wisely and effectively
  • If you want your gift to be spent in an area that’s special to you, we promise to use it as requested
  • You never have to tell us your intentions because we realise this is private
  • We won’t put you under pressure
  • You can change your mind at any time, as we know your circumstances can change



1986 UCB Founder has a vision for christian radio | 2 million people reached with God's word every year
2 national christian radio stations | 24/7 365 days a year broadcasting


How to leave a gift in your will

Please use a solicitor to draw up a will if you do not have one. Amending your will to add UCB as a beneficiary is very simple; all you need to do is provide your solicitor with the following information:

United Christian Broadcasters Ltd 

Westport Road




Registered charity number: 299128


There are a couple of ways to leave a gift in your will, including:

  • Leaving a small share of your estate (once other gifts and payments have been made)
  • Leaving a fixed sum (the value of which may decrease over time as the cost of living increases)


Most charitable gifts in wills are also tax-free, and you may be able to reduce the amount of inheritance tax payable. Your solicitor can give you more advice. 

If you have decided to leave a gift in your will to UCB, we would love to hear from you so that we can thank you!


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