From March 2022, more people than ever before will be able to listen to UCB Radio. 


On March 1,  UCB 2 joined UCB 1 on the same, largest network of digital transmitters using the more advanced DAB+ technology – known simply as ‘DAB plus.’

This means that UCB 1 and UCB 2 are now only available on digital radios that can receive DAB+ stations. Many DAB radios already include DAB+, but if you are unsure and want more help, the questions and answers below should be useful.

FAQs on DAB+ For UCB Radio

How can I tell if my radio is DAB+ enabled?

Your radio might have DAB+ marked on the outer casing or listed on the original packaging.

You should be able to tune your DAB radio to UCB 1 or UCB 2, and if you don’t see either station (or you can see the station on the display but can’t hear anything), hit the auto-tune, scan, or reset button.

If you still can’t find either station, the manufacturer’s instructions may give details on how to do a factory reset. However, if you have an older style DAB radio that isn’t DAB+ compatible, you may need to purchase a newer model or you can choose to listen to UCB in other ways, too.

Help! I have a DAB+ radio but can’t find UCB?

As UCB moved to DAB+ on March 1, it’s possible that some DAB+ radios will require you to re-scan or re-tune your radio set. The re-scan/re-tune button (some radios call it ‘auto-scan’) is usually found on the front or top of the unit, and pressing it will ensure your radio receives the latest list of updated stations. In some cases, you might have to do a re-scan/re-tune several times.

Why has UCB switched to DAB+?

There are a few reasons, but as UCB’s mission is about reaching as many people as possible with the life-changing word of God, the most significant reason for the change is that UCB 2 can join UCB 1 on the largest network of transmitters, meaning that UCB 2 will now be heard by many thousands more people.

What exactly is DAB+?

Simply put, it is a newer version of DAB technology, and many radio stations have moved to this new way of broadcasting. It also means that both of UCB’s stations will be broadcast in stereo, so the music in particular will sound better than ever.

What happens if my DAB radio is NOT DAB+ enabled?

The good news is there will still be lots of ways to listen to UCB 1 and UCB 2.

You can continue to listen on the UCB website (, on UCB Player (UCB’s app, available in the App Store or on Google Play), or on a Smart Speaker.

You might be able to treat yourself (or someone else) to a new DAB+ radio. Prices start from around £25. Thanks to a helpful arrangement with a manufacturer, you can purchase a DAB+ radio with a 15% discount. Simply select which radio you would like to buy and then at the checkout, add the code UCB15 in the voucher box to get your 15% discount.

What about DAB radios in cars?

If you are unable to listen to UCB on DAB+ in your car, you might be able to invest in a small adapter and/or DAB aerial that you can install or have installed. You might already be able to connect your smartphone to your car radio using a lead or Bluetooth and listen to both stations using UCB Player. (In this case, bear in mind that you are using data to do this, so it may be costing you money as part of your mobile phone contract.)

Where can I find out more about DAB+?    

Go to

What if I want to talk to someone at UCB about this?

You can call the UCB Supporter Care team at 01782  911 000 and they will be glad to help, or you can email us at