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Looking for a special speaker for your church or church event? We might be able to help! Introducing UCB’s Ambassadors – a group of people who each have an amazing story of what God has done in their lives. They are each available to tell their powerful testimony and also share how UCB was part of that journey for them.

We have visited many churches across the UK, sharing powerful testimonies of God’s goodness with over 5,000 people. These events have seen many people commit their lives to Jesus, and we hope to see many more do so! 

If you’re planning an evangelistic event or are looking for a speaker for your church, why not get in touch? Due to COVID-19, we are currently not able to physically attend church events; however, we are able to offer an online speaker to attend a virtual event. If you wish to plan a physical event for 2021, we are currently taking bookings for April 2021 onwards. 

If you would like to know more, please fill in the web form below and a member of our Church Engagement team will contact you.



Amanda spent years bedbound, totally disabled with a severe form of ME, after an unexpected illness. Early in her diagnosis, she knew she had a choice: would she allow the illness to make her bitter or better? Eventually one day, she felt God speak to her and tell her it was time to go to church. Having not left the house for years, this seemed totally impossible, but little by little, God began to heal Amanda from not only ME, but also emotional wounds from the past. Having not left the house for years, this seemed totally impossible, but little by little, 



Margaret is a survivor of institutional abuse. Raised in a children’s home, she experienced extreme neglect and abuse. Today she is a campaigner and a ‘voice for the voiceless’ for other survivors in Northern Ireland. She has an incredible story of healing from anger and the pain of the abuse she suffered as a child. 


As a young child, Chantell battled a number of issues – low self-esteem, insecurities, feelings of rejection, and a feeling of worthlessness. Searching for a ‘father figure’, she ended up in the world of lap dancing, leading a very promiscuous life. When she was 23, a dramatic encounter with God changed everything. Chantell walked out of a ‘gentlemen’s club’ and straight into church. Chantell shares her story of transformation and how God has set her free from shame and the emotional wounds of the past.


Jo UCB Ambassador


Jo grew up in a Christian home and had a blessed childhood, but a disappointment at 18 left Jo questioning God and walking away from her faith. What followed was eight years of pain, abuse of many kinds, loneliness, brokenness, and isolation. God intervened through a song on UCB Radio, which inspired Jo to escape with her children. Now living in the fullness of God’s restoration, healing, and grace upon their lives, Jo has a story of hope, of God’s loving kindness, amazing provision, and transformation on their lives..



When you book an Ambassador for your church service or church event, we will also provide a UCB Rep to come along too! As a Rep, they will have a stand full of information about UCB, and will also talk about the free UCB resources that are currently available.


Margaret Bowers



Margaret is UCB’s Northern Ireland co-ordinator and is available to speak to church groups about UCB’s work. Margaret is also the pioneer of the famous ‘UCB Coffee morning’, so if your church would like to host one of these unique fundraising events on behalf of UCB, Margaret can help. Margaret is currently only available to churches in Northern Ireland.


Carl Finnan



Carl has worked for UCB for 12 years, having worked in various teams from UCB Prayerline to working on radio. UCB’s ‘resident scouser’, he and his wife Lyn have four children between them. Carl is also a lay preacher and Gospel singer. He travels extensively on behalf of UCB, sharing God’s Word and updates on UCB’s ministry.




Request to book a UCB speaker 

Thank you for your interest in booking a UCB Ambassador. If we are able to send a speaker to your event, we ask that the church or event gives a gift to cover UCB’s costs. When your booking is confirmed, one of our team will discuss this with you. We will be in touch shortly to discuss whether we will be able to support your event.