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UCB News - Hope Beyond The Headlines


Every day, we hear news reports on events, decisions, and discoveries that are shaping our world. UCB News wants to ensure that you are kept informed with both national and world news by providing accurate information and interviews that matter to your daily lives, families and faith. This includes Christian experts, researchers, and commentators, who often highlight situations and voices of people who can be marginalised by secular media.

Every day, UCB's dedicated Christian journalists work to bring any breaking news or regular updates through news bulletins and special reports across our radio stations, UCB 1 and UCB 2, as well as through social media and on the UCB Player app.

Conscious of having a family audience, we endeavour to sensitively share news reports, without shying away from some of the hard realities of what's happening today. UCB News hopes you will feel empowered to pray with a Christian response to current events. Weekdays you can contact the team 6am to 6pm and at the weekend 6am to 10am.