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Elitist attitude (3)

16 January 2023
‘Humble yourselves…and…he will lift you up in honour.’

Have you ever looked down on someone because they didn’t share or have the advantages that you have in life? Do you feel superior to others in any aspect of your life? Do you believe that being part of a particular church denomination puts you in a special class? Maybe the way you look and dress makes you feel superior to others. Do you ever feel that somehow, you’re entitled to better treatment or deserve more rewards than others? 

Whenever we feel any of these things, it’s time to submit our attitude to the Holy Spirit. But when it comes to elitism, there’s another side to the coin. It’s possible to label a person or a group as elitist solely because they enjoy a particular advantage that we find intimidating and alienating due to our own self-doubt, or to try to improve our image in other people’s eyes.

Politicians do this. A candidate might accuse their opponent of elitism simply because of access to family wealth, or a diploma from a prominent university, or a high profile, or influential friends. As a result, that opponent accuses the other of reaching out to blue-collar workers and being dishonest about how regular and down to earth they are.

The truth is, it’s not what we do but what we believe that establishes whether we have an elitist attitude. It’s easy to spot pride in others and hard to see it in ourselves. That’s why Peter wrote, ‘Humble yourselves under the mighty power of God, and at the right time he will lift you up in honour.’


What Now?

Ask God to make you aware of any areas of pride or elitism within yourself. Pray that you’d stay humble and also that you’d be able to celebrate other people’s gifts and achievements.

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