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Look how far you’ve come (2)

27 January 2022
‘I entered their world…to experience things from their point of view.’

It’s easy for us to develop ‘spiritual forgetfulness’. We can forget what we used to be like before we let Jesus into our lives. And that attitude can affect the people we interact with each day. We might fall into the trap of being judgmental of others who don’t live by the same standards that we now have. We might begin to point out their sins and mistakes in a way that hurts them rather than treating them with kindness. We might try to force our faith on them, forgetting the journey that we took to believing and trusting God. So how can we share our faith with others, while keeping a high level of integrity and sensitivity? Here are some ideas: 1) Ask sincere questions and listen with a caring spirit. 2) When its’s appropriate, offer to pray for people – and then do it. 3) Pray at the start of each day and ask God to help you see all the opportunities for sharing His love. 4) Don’t play down how important your faith is to you. When it fits naturally into a conversation, talk about church, prayer, and the Bible. Let others see for themselves the joy you have in Christ. 5) Demonstrate God’s love for all people by organising a collection for a foodbank or a fundraiser for a local charity. 6) Strive for excellence. Be someone who can always be relied on to do a solid job. 7) Invite your non-Christian friends to events with your Christian friends. 8) When you’re not sure about when to speak, check in with God and ‘when the time comes…the Holy Spirit will make his witness in and through you’ (Mark 13:11 MSG). 9) Above all, remember how far you’ve come and maintain a humble attitude!

What Now?

Have another read through the nine points in today’s reading. See how many you can incorporate into your day.

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