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The story of Cyprian

19 January 2022
‘I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you.’

Cyprian was a wealthy nobleman who lived during the third century. He enjoyed galloping about Carthage in his gold and bejewelled chariot. He wore fancy clothes studded with diamonds and precious stones and lived a debauched life. Cyprian wrote a letter to one of the Christian theologians of his time, saying he couldn’t possibly imagine how he could change his life – the life he had lived for so long. The long-standing habits, tastes, and desires that he had developed, the sins he clung on to – how could he possibly give those things up? How could he ever become like the Christians he saw? To him it seemed to be a totally impossible thing. But in the divine power and grace of God, the things that seem totally impossible can happen, and so Cyprian was transformed. God reached down and took out Cyprian's stony heart and placed within him a heart of flesh – a heart that was tuned to loving God and singing His praises. Things that had at one time seemed completely impossible, mysterious, and difficult to understand had all become plain and clear. Cyprian was so totally transformed, he even went on to become one of the great Christian leaders of the early church. We might not understand how such a change is even possible – how our old natures, habits and sins can be completely turned around. But the good news is we don’t have to understand. We just have to trust in Christ and be born again. All kinds of people – rich and poor, unknown and famous, those with university degrees and those with little formal education – have experienced the regenerating power of God and enjoyed a new life in Christ. And each of us can experience it too.

What Now?

Pray for anyone you know who isn’t a Christian. Ask God to soften their heart and step into their life. Even if they think change is impossible for them, be persistent in your prayers for them.

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