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06 September 2021
‘There will be a great harvest from your goodness.’

John Mason observed, ‘The miraculous realm of God always has to do with multiplication…Suppose a kernel of corn produces one stalk with two ears, and each ear has 200 kernels. From those 400 kernels come 400 stalks with 160,000 kernels…all from a single kernel. Some blessings are material, some spiritual. We don’t always know what we need most, but God does, and a generous spirit opens the floodgates of heaven.’ The Bible says: ‘God is the One who gives seed to the farmer and bread for food. He will give you all the seed you need and make it grow so there will be a great harvest from your goodness.’ When God prompts us to be generous with what we have, we’re equipped to give confidently, because all our resources ultimately belong to God anyway. Even if we think what we can give isn’t much compared to what others can spare, God will multiply it and broaden its impact. And it works the same way with sharing the gospel. We might think we’re less worthy because we’re not amazing preachers who’ve brought many people to Christ. But a simple word we’ve said to someone might be just the thing that prompts them to turn to God, and they might go on to be a church leader or missionary who can help many people. We often don’t know how widely our influence has spread, but God can take a single word from us on a journey to help thousands. We should never think we have nothing to give, because God can do so much with a little, if we’re willing to trust Him and share it.

What Now?

Take some time to thank God that what we think of as small, He can use to do amazing things. Ask Him to help you have the confidence to be generous with the gifts, skills, and resources you have, even if you feel they’re not worthy enough – remember that He can increase what you offer Him.

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