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Learning the hard way (4)

20 June 2020
‘The hair on his head began to grow again after it had been shaved.’

After Samson revealed the secret of his strength and his hair was cut off, the Bible tells us that ‘the hair on his head began to grow again.’ The process of renewal was starting. Samson repented, God gave him back his strength, and he ended his life with an act of heroism (you can read about this in Judges 16:23-31). Sometimes we can feel like we’ve messed up so badly that God will never love us or use us again. But the story of Samson helps us to have hope. God didn’t give up on Samson, and He won’t give up on us either. He sees our potential and remembers why He made us. We were created for great things. It’s only as we move into the centre of God’s will that we discover why we were made. When we do, things will begin to fall back into place. Samson is included in the list of people who had great faith (you can find this in Hebrews 11). So why was he included when he’d made so many mistakes? God can take a person who has completely messed up and use them to accomplish great things. He uses ordinary people with weaknesses, who sometimes fail in big ways. If we’ve messed up we need to hand our lives over to God again. We need to give Him all the pieces and let Him put them together. He can give us the power to break free from the things that are holding us back and preventing Him from working in our lives. Only God knows our true potential, and we’ll never reach that on our own. We need His help and His strength. So let’s allow Him to get started today.


What Now?

If you’ve made a mistake and gone the wrong way, spend some time asking God to renew and restore you so that you can live His way. 


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