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Be kind

08 February 2020
‘Clothe yourselves with…kindness.’

We all know that we should be kind to others, but it’s not always easy, especially when people are ungrateful or unkind towards us. The Bible tells us that we should ‘clothe’ ourselves with kindness. This suggests it’s something we need to put on each day, rather than something that comes naturally to us. So it’s normal for us to struggle to be kind sometimes. But as Christians, we have to choose kindness, no matter what. The Bible tells us about a Samaritan man who chose kindness. When a Jewish man was attacked and beaten on the road to Jericho, a number of other Jewish people walked straight past. But the Samaritan man stopped and helped. Not only did he choose to be kind to another man, but he chose to be kind to someone who was culturally his ‘enemy’. The Samaritan and Jewish people didn’t mix, but this man ignored that, and helped the injured man. He chose to be kind by cleaning his wounds, taking him to an inn, and paying the expenses. He went above and beyond what was necessary. He put kindness first (you can read the full story in Luke 10). We need to be like that Samaritan man. We need to choose to respond to those around us with kindness, even when we don’t get along with them. When other people aren’t kind to us, we need to decide whether we’re going to let bitterness or kindness win in our hearts. It might feel like a massive challenge to show kindness to them, but the Holy Spirit is there to help us develop it in our lives. Kindness is one of the fruits of the Spirit, and will be produced in our lives when we let the Spirit lead. Will you choose kindness today?


What Now?

Do something kind for someone you struggle to get along with today.

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