Power of worship

23 October 2019
‘He appointed those who should sing to the Lord.’

When we’re facing a battle in life, we can sometimes wonder how we’re going to manage. We can feel overwhelmed and inadequate to face what’s ahead. We might not feel equipped to fight. But worship is a powerful weapon, one that can turn the battle in our favour. There’s a story in the Old Testament about King Jehoshaphat who was facing a huge battle. The Bible tells us that he ‘was afraid, so he decided to ask the Lord what to do. He announced that everyone in Judah should fast during this special time of prayer to God’ (2 Chronicles 20:3 NCV). And he said to God: ‘We have no power against this large army that is attacking us. We don’t know what to do, so we look to you for help’ (v.12 NCV). How often do we stay in our places of fear, stressing about how we’re going to manage, and forget to turn to God for help? When Jehoshaphat cried out to God he was acknowledging that God was powerful. Sometimes we think that worship just means singing, but by recognising and declaring who God is, we’re worshipping Him. God answered Jehoshaphat, saying: ‘Don’t be afraid or discouraged because of this large army. The battle is not your battle, it is God’s’ (v.14 NCV). Jehoshaphat decided to place worship leaders at the front of his army. This wouldn’t have seemed like a wise move. But he knew that God was with him, and that he didn’t need to fight. In verse 21 it says: ‘As they marched in front of the army, they said, “Thank the Lord, because his love continues forever.”’ And as they were singing, God set an ambush and the army was destroyed. So when we feel like we’re in a battle that we can’t win, let’s stop fighting and start worshipping.


What Now?

Listen to ‘I know’ by Kim Walker-Smith each morning for a week. Use that time as preparation for any battles you have to face in the day. 

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