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Receiving His love

04 September 2019
‘We love because he first loved us.’

It can be really frustrating to try to give a gift to somebody who keeps refusing it. Insecurity and feelings of unworthiness keep many of us from being good ‘receivers’. We think we must earn or deserve everything we get. We even go so far as to mistrust the giver and think: ‘Why would you want to do that for me? What’s your real motive?’ If wefeel that way about giving a gift, imagine how Godfeels when He extends His love and we refuse it because we feel undeserving, or think we’re being humble by telling ourselves we shouldn’t have it. We can even question His motives. The truth is, none of us deserve God’s love. But through His love, He’s attempting to establish a cycle that will bless us as well as others. His plan is simple. He wants us to: 1) Receive His love. 2) Learn to love ourselves in a balanced and healthy way. 3) Love Him in return. 4) Extend His love to those He sends into our lives. Learning to do these things takes time – it’s a journey. God will help us to conquer our insecurities ‘little by little’, just as He did when the Israelites entered the Promised Land (take a look at Exodus 23:30). Change happens gradually as we continue to pray, read His Word, and act on it. The Bible says God initiated this work in our lives and He will complete it (have a read of Philippians 1:6). So today let’s ask Him to help us receive and embrace His unconditional love for us.


What Now?

Write anything down any thoughts about yourself that stop you from receiving and accepting God’s love. Then shred the paper, and thank God for His unconditional love to you. 

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