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14 August 2019
‘You’ll use the old rubble of past lives to build anew, rebuild the foundations from out of your past.’

Ever visited a building which is in ruins? We can feel like that. Things can fall apart to the extent that it seems like our lives are lying in ruins, and we think they can’t possibly be rebuilt. But God can do the things we think are impossible. He sees the beauty in the ruins, and helps us rebuild, brick by brick. God told the Israelites that if they started worshipping Him again, and focusing on godly living, then they would ‘use the old rubble of past lives to build anew’ and they would‘rebuild the foundations’ from their past.Our rubble can be salvaged and used to build a new life. We don’t have to write off our past completely. God can use the things that have happened to us to shape who we can become. But first we need to take away the bitterness and shame we feel. We don’t have to let those things steal our peace, our creativity, or our hope for a better future. God says: ‘I am about to do something new’ (Isaiah 43:19 NLT). It’s vital to get the foundations right when we’re rebuilding, otherwise we might end up in ruins again. Our foundation should be God Himself. Our whole lives should be built on Him, and His promises. God told the Israelites that they would be known as ‘those who can fix anything,restore old ruins, rebuild and renovate’ (Isaiah 58:12 MSG). When people see the rebuilding and restoration that has happened in our lives, they’ll want to know how that can happen for them too. God can use us to help other people sort through their rubble, lay new foundations, and rebuild their lives. And then we can point them to the One who really can rebuild anything. 


What Now?

Research restored buildings in your town. Find one that interests you and visit it. While you’re there, ask God to help you rebuild any part of your life (or a friend’s life) which is in ruins. 

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