03 February 2019
‘Carry each other’s burdens, and…you will fulfil the law of Christ.’

Everyone we meet is struggling with something. Maybe they’re hurting from something that’s been done to them, maybe they’re feeling lost in life, or maybe they’re hiding a sin that they can’t break free from. When we remember that, it can be easier to have compassion for those who frustrate us. If someone is reacting badly, maybe by becoming angry or cold towards us, it might be because they’re going through something that they haven’t shared with us. When people react like that we can become irritated, upset, or even feel tempted to give up on them. But that’s not what Jesus did. Jesus saw the best in people; He went out of His way to be gracious to them and remove their burdens. When a man with a skin disease came to Jesus, he was met with compassion. Other people would have refused to go near the man, because the law at the time forced those with leprosy to live alone (take a look at Leviticus 13). But Jesus, ‘moved with compassion,…reached out and touched him…instantly the leprosy disappeared, and the man was healed’ (Mark 1:41-42 NLT). We might be the only person they meet today who can ease their burden, just as Jesus was the only One willing to lift this man’s burden. The Bible says: ‘Carry each other’s burdens, and…you will fulfil the law of Christ.’ But that shouldn’t make us feel under pressure. It doesn’t mean that we need to fix people’s situations for them. The ultimate burden-lifter is God. We can bring all our burdens to Him and He lifts them off of our shoulders. We can carry other people’s burdens straight to the arms of our Father. So let’s be encouraging, compassionate, and understanding towards others; let’s be burden-lifters.


What Now?

Try and lift someone’s burdens today. It might simply be telling them that you’ll be praying for them, giving them a smile, or offering to listen if they need to talk.

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