Samson and Samuel (3)

19 January 2018
‘The Lord your God was your king.’

Samson and Samuel also had differing motives. Samson repeatedly dishonoured God by his actions and his lifestyle. That’s because he had no regard for God’s honour. In contrast, honouring God was Samuel’s highest priority. When Israel wanted a king in order to be like all the surrounding nations, it upset him. He said to the people, ‘The Lord your God was your king.’ His respect and honour for God is also shown through how he instructed the people: ‘But be sure to fear the Lord and serve him faithfully with all your heart; consider what great things he has done for you’ (1 Samuel 12:24 NIV). We need to be assessing whether our lifestyle and actions are honouring God. We need to ask ourselves whether our aim is to make God look good or make ourselves look good. When we live in respect and honour towards God, we live the way He wants us to live. When we live for ourselves, our own motives and glory, we become focused on what we can gain, and can easily be more influenced by the culture we’re living in. Or we may keep up the Christian lifestyle and be tempted to think that everything we’re doing is in our own strength. But the truth is that without the power of God’s indwelling Spirit, none of us have what it takes to live as God calls us to. We need His strength. So let’s make sure we’re staying humble, seeking only to glorify God and living in a way that honours Him.

What Now?

Take a few minutes out of your day to think honestly about your lifestyle and actions this week. Were they honouring God? If not, what changes can you make for the week ahead?

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