Changing lives through UCB Prayerline

The UCB Prayerline is all about bringing God into the equation. 



This month at UCB, we are doing something we have never done before. During 13th-15th February, we are devoting three whole days to sharing the needs of Prayerline on our two national DAB radio stations, UCB 1 and UCB 2.

God is doing amazing things through UCB Prayerline and everyday hundreds of people dealing with different problems and challenges experience prayer, hope and encouragement.



There is a desperate need, right now, to strengthen UCB’s Prayerline. Out of the 6,000+ calls our volunteers take each month (over 200 per day) around 1 in 4 currently are not answered. We need to be able to answer every call, take every prayer request, pray with each person in need, and to facilitate God intervening in every situation.

See and hear below incredible stories of hope, celebrate God’s intervention in thousands of lives, and be part of this vital ministry - UCB Prayerline.​


Alice Belton's Story


Alice's story




Malcolm Duncan's Story




Prayer can change everything

Have you ever gone through a really difficult time? It might have been stresses at work, bereavement, relationship or money problems or just a feeling of being completely overwhelmed by life.

Whatever the cause, in the middle of worry and stress, it's easy to feel as though you're alone in the battle. That's why we believe the UCB Prayerline is so important. The experience of someone standing with you in prayer can make a huge difference.




Help us to answer every call

There is a huge demand for the UCB Prayerline.  This is a great challenge but one we’re determined to meet, understanding that in a changing world, people need to experience the love and security that only a relationship with Jesus can bring.

You have an opportunity right now to ensure more people across the UK receive prayer in their darkest moments. Thank you for standing with us to make sure every hurting person will be able to pick up the phone, and receive prayer support just when they need it.

Your gift today will help to ensure UCB Prayerline is fully funded for a whole year, impacting thousands of people. Without you, the UCB Prayerline doesn’t happen.




Together we provide hope for thousands of people

At UCB, we believe in a powerful and loving God, able and willing to intervene in our most challenging moments.  That’s why we, together with over 300 volunteers, are ready and waiting to offer a prayer for you on the UCB Prayerline.

This confidential service is available to you whoever you are and whatever your background.  However big the issues you are facing, trained Christian volunteers will take your call and pray for you and with you.

The UCB Prayerline doesn’t give advice or counselling, it offers a listening ear and prayerful support.  It’s about praying to God and asking for His help or even just saying thank you to Him for what He has already done.

We need more Prayerline Volunteers | UCB


For more information about becoming a Prayerline Volunteer click here.











Kindness and Compassion

‘I have used the Prayerline many times over the years…and have always been shown kindness, compassion and the time for the Prayer team to pray with me and for my family and friends. For this, I am extremely grateful, as a believer of many years in Christ Jesus, it has always been very beneficial to me to have this support.’



Peace, calm and rest

‘Prayerline has been a…lifeline these last 5 years, as the Lord is leading me through a complicated healing journey. UCB Prayerline is a wonderful resource…The team have such a loving and caring way of listening and praying that just seems to reach into ‘our pain’ and insert God's love into its place, while releasing strength and love into our hearts.  More than that, every single time I’ve phoned Prayerline…it’s like their prayers reach right into heaven and God immediately sends strength, peace and love into our hearts. When I picked the phone up I was experiencing a deep sense of mental despair and anguish. As I put the phone down peace, calm and rest was within my mind and soul.’