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2018 Prayerline volunteer recruitment pages

Every year, UCB’s Prayerline receives over 72,000 phone calls from people facing all kinds of situations, from divorce and bereavement to job and financial worries. 

Many Prayerline callers just want to know that they're not alone and that someone will pray with and for them. 

And we know it works! We hear so many stories of people whose lives have been changed, after receiving prayer and experiencing God’s power working in their lives.

The people who take those calls are all volunteers. They're based at different groups (we call them ‘Satellites’) across the UK. They meet at different times and locations throughout the week and take on a ‘shift’ of answering calls. Full training and support is provided and our family of volunteers are also part of a supportive and caring local team. 

Being part of a Prayerline Satellite Group is a great way to make a difference in the lives of the callers who get in touch. There are active Prayerline Satellite Groups in the following areas:

UCB Prayerline Satallite location map

Perhaps you could join our army of UK volunteers, who each help to make Prayerline possible?
If you feel interested in praying with others as part of this national kingdom ministry, we're looking for people who:

- Love to pray and believe that God can transform even the most difficult of situations
- Have some spare time on a regular basis, during the week or evenings


For an informal chat, please ring 01782 903752 or send us a message below and we’ll get in contact:



Click the link below to download the Prayerline Application Form.