Ruth's Story

In a time of personal crisis, UCB supporter Ruth turned to God’s Word to seek guidance, and found peace with the help of the UCB Word For Today:

‘Having been the victim of a financial scam, God has given me His peace, so have not worried about it as I had the constant impression that “all will be well”, whatever the outcome.

In my daily reading of the “Word”, I read about Hannah being barren and going to the temple and praying, when the priest said, “May God grant you your request.” Her reply being if God answered her prayer, she would give the child, Samuel, to the Lord. This prompted me to decide that if the money would be reimbursed by the Building Society, I would give a tenth to the Lord for His work. The very next day, I received a phone call saying that the money had been reimbursed and was in my bank account. I was overjoyed, and therefore decided to give a tenth to you and my local church.

Therefore, I enclose a donation for the work of UCB. I also enclose one of my bookmarks which I give to people when prompted, and I thought you might like one of them. If any more are required, I would be happy to send you as many as you require – different texts. As I am over 90 years old I feel I cannot do much, but want to spread God's Word without intruding or enforcing it.’


Age was no barrier for Ruth.

Ruth had a generosity of heart and a passion for sharing God’s Word in whatever way she could – she was on fire for the Lord, and nothing was going to stop her telling others about her faith. Over the years, Ruth gave out hundreds of copies of the UCB Word For Today as part of her personal outreach to friends, family, and to anyone she felt was appropriate to share her faith with. Ruth made a lasting difference.


Ruth made a lasting difference.

When Ruth passed away, we discovered that she had left a donation to UCB's ministry in her will. It was a fitting tribute to her life, as UCB and Ruth shared a long partnership in reaching people to tell them the good news of the gospel. Even though she is now with the Lord, Her support has helped ensure that UCB can continue sharing God's Word for years to come.

Everyone has a God-given plan for their life. Like Ruth, some people are blessed to discover it and find a deep sense of inner joy and fulfilment. Sadly, there are still many more people who are lost without knowing the deep love of God.

The good news is that UCB is here to partner with you and help you share the love of Jesus with them.


You too can make a difference that lasts – by leaving a legacy to UCB in your will.

Like Ruth, you can make a difference that endures long into the future. By remembering UCB in your will, your gift can have a powerful impact on the lives of many more people in the years to come.

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