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30 May 2016

Weak Made Strong

'Support the weak'
1 Thessalonians 5:14 KJV

How does the world see weak people? Not favourably, usually. Governments can see them as drains on the economy. Social Darwinists see them as so much extra baggage to be lost. But the Church sees the weak as dignified human beings in the image of God. In his letter to the Thessalonians, Paul tells all believers to 'encourage the fainthearted, support the weak, be longsuffering' to everyone in the Church. That means that the old ways of survival of the fittest and 'might means right' don't work here. What we're to do is hold each other up. But the 'weak' we're to help and listen to might not look like a Victorian orphan smiling beatifically. The 'weak' might look like someone fed up with the Church and going through a time of bitterness. When those around us are weak and look close to giving up, we don't bash them for losing faith. Nope, we draw even closer to empathise and listen. They might look like a single parent who's doubting God for the fiftieth time. Or they might look like us, on a day when we find ourselves caught off guard and going through a dark night of the soul. It won’t always be easy to support the weak. But the reason we're to hold each other up is that we're all one body. Just like your brain would care if your foot started hanging off by a thread, Jesus cares if one part of His body starts to fail. So when we're living in His Spirit - we will care, too. More on that in a couple of days.

What Now?

This Sunday, sit right at the back of church. Look for people on the fringe of the congregation who seem like they ‘don't fit’. Find them after the service and strike up a chat (and a listen).

Bible In A Year: 2 King 1-3, Acts 8:1-25

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