7 February 2016

God Guidance - Asking

'I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you.’
Psalm 32:8 NKJV

God’s pretty good at giving guidance. When You’re the One who created the bigger picture, You’d kind of have a knack for knowing where each individual fit, right? On the flipside, though, we’re not necessarily great at asking Him for that step-by-step guidance. Check out Psalm 32. David’s chatting with God, *about* chatting with God. Read what David says in verse three. David knows that talking to Him, admitting your issues, asking for help… those things result in what God says in verse six. We know that, don’t we? Asking God to guide = good. We know it. But we so often don’t do it. Why? Because deep down it scares most of us. It’s a risk. It asks God to be in control. And, yeah, we know that’s best but… what if it’s uncomfortable? What if we don’t get what we were planning on? What if we have to make drastic changes to our thinking, our lives? Sometimes we don’t reeeeeeeally want guidance; deep down, we just want safety. And God isn’t often safe in the way that we’d like. But He’s really good. He wants us to develop a proper sense of His will, and there’s no way to do that without asking for His guidance, trusting He’ll give it, and then making choices depending on what we’ve heard from Him, and know of Him. He wants mature children, not robots, and that means us taking risks to chase after His will, and occasionally our realness will mean that we miss (or mis-interpret) what He’s saying. His purpose isn’t to get us to ‘perform’ the right actions, but to become the right kind of people.

What Now?

Pray. Do two new things that you reckon God would love, today.

Bible In A Year: Luke 2:25-52, Ps 16-17

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