Our vision statement is simple:

Changing Lives for Good by the Power of God’s Word

We know that it is what God has given us and pray that it will continue to be the heart of all that we do.

We believe God has called us to reach every person, every place, every moment of the day with His life changing Word.

The Journey of Faith

UCB exists for such a time as this - to inspire our listeners, watchers and readers to raise their expectation for God to move in their lives and upon the nation in an unprecedented way. It is imperative that we seize every opportunity to reach out into our nation and share quality content which evangelises, disciples, encourages and equips in a relevant and engaging way.

As a leading Christian media ministry, our mission is to offer every person, every place, every moment of the day the opportunity to hear, watch or read the Word of God in a relevant and engaging way. We are privileged that, through UCB Radio, UCB TV, UCB Word for Today and other printed and digital resources, God's Word is being heard throughout the UK.

After the launch of national Christian radio in 2009, we now look to the future and to God’s provision for the fulfilment of the second part of Ian Mackie’s vision:

After the darkness of winter, spring breaks forth and for us the hope of revival is just around the corner. This was the second promise God gave me all those years ago; that there would come a time when throughout our nations people would turn to God in their thousands; UCB was created for such a time, to encourage these new believers in their faith.” — Ian Mackie, UCB Founder

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