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Deal with your unresolved issues

Deal with your unresolved issues

03 September 2022
‘No one who has…scabs.’

To help someone with their unresolved issues, you must first deal with your own. If the medicine you’re offering hasn’t made you whole, you will have no credibility when you try to apply it to the lives of others. Does that mean if you have unresolved issues, God won’t use you? No, it’s the broken who become masters at mending. But first you must take time to be healed.

It’s hard to talk about victory when you’re experiencing defeat. When you’re bleeding spiritually and emotionally, you can’t treat people’s problems with the same kind of aggressive faith you would have if you had already worked through the problem. Is it wrong to have a broken heart? No, for God ‘heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds’ (Psalm 147:3 NKJV). So let God make you whole so He can use you.

In Old Testament times, you could not serve as a priest if you had a scab, which is an unhealed wound. This is why: 1) You wouldn’t be up to par spiritually. 2) You couldn’t get close to others in case they bumped into you and knocked the protective cover off your scab. 3) You couldn’t be at your best because the pain was sapping your strength. 4) You would be afraid to talk about your scab in case people rejected you. So you would live on two levels, and become insecure, hypocritical, or controlling. 5) Worst of all, you would be so busy working for God and taking care of others, you wouldn’t have time to stop and take care of yourself. So the word for today is – deal with your unresolved issues.

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