What exactly is happening?

UCB 2 is now accessible to almost 4 million more people on DAB (digital radio) as extra ‘transmitters’ have recently been built and switched on by the transmission provider.


Where are these transmitters?

There are 19 different sites, each with a different coverage area:


Are there plans to expand UCB 2 in Northern Ireland?

We are waiting for future plans to be confirmed. When we know, we will keep you updated here.


Why has this happened?

Joint venture company Sound Digital is responsible for the network of digital transmitters that UCB 2 broadcasts from. This year Sound Digital decided to expand their coverage area.

At launch, in March 2016, the transmission network was engineered to cover 77% of UK households.

This expansion has now increased the coverage to 83%.

UCB have been praying for an opportunity for even more people to hear UCB 2.

So this development really is a wonderful answer to prayer!


Does this affect UCB 1?

No. The coverage for UCB 1 – that is transmitted on a different national network (called D1) to UCB 2 - is established at 92%.


Will UCB 2’s coverage increase in line with UCB 1?

We cannot say as we are in the hands of the transmission provider. But let’s keep praying!


Why does UCB have two radio stations?

Each radio station serves a different purpose and reaches a different national audience.

  • UCB 1 plays popular contemporary Christian music alongside topical conversation about everyday life and faith.
  • UCB 2 provides an edifying mix of praise and worship music together with Bible-based encouragement.



Why is there a cost for this expansion?

New transmitters are being built so there is a cost for this – as well as the technology to transmit the digital radio signal.

UCB’s contract with the transmitter provider includes the additional cost of extra transmitters, as they are added to the network.


How will I know whether the new transmitters will cover where I live?

The best way is to go to this website:


This postcode checker has now been updated to include the new UCB 2 transmission areas.

Click on ‘Check Your Available Stations’ in the top right hand corner.

Then enter your postcode on the line in the middle of the screen. Then press the Return key on your keyboard or click on the magnifying glass – wait for a second or so – and you will then see a long list of Stations at your address.

Scroll to the end.

If UCB 1 and/or UCB 2 is in the list, you should be able to receive the station(s) at that address on a DAB radio.

If UCB 2 is not in the list, it may be that, unfortunately, you are not reached by one of the new transmitters.


Will I receive UCB 2 automatically?

It may sound strange, but it depends. Different DAB digital radios work in slightly different ways. There’s a chance everything will happen automatically, without you doing anything. But many people will need to press a button, or find an option in the radio’s menu, that called “Retune”, “Rescan” “Autotune” or something similar.  

If you get an option to do a quick retune or a full retune, choose the full retune. If you are having problems, don’t be embarrassed to ask a friend or a relative to help. Some of the radios are not as easy to use as we’d like and, if you haven’t still got the user manual, it can all be a bit complicated.


Does this expansion mean I’ll get UCB 2 where I live?

It doesn’t guarantee it for everyone, no. And there’ll still be about 17% or the UK population that won’t be within range of a transmitter carrying UCB 2. I know that will be disappointing for many people. There is more than one transmitter being added for three areas: East Anglia, the south west of England and Kent. In those areas, large numbers of people will benefit. But even then, there’ll be some parts of those areas that the new transmitters don’t reach.

UCB 2 can be listened to everywhere using a computer, with an internet radio or Voice Activated Speaker where you’ve got broadband Wi-Fi and in large parts of the country on a mobile phone. We know that isn’t perfect for everyone, and recognise that may sometimes have a cost attached.


What help is there with the retuning?

Most digital radios can be re-tuned using the following simple instructions:

Press the Auto-Tune or Auto-Scan button on your digital radio.

Or If there is no Auto-Tune or Auto-Scan button, press the Menu button and go through the options until you find Auto-Tune or Auto-Scan. Select this option.

Or If these options do not work, or the new stations cannot be found, a further action known as a Full-Scan may be required. Either press and hold down the Auto-Tune or Auto-Scan button until a Full-Scan begins, or press the Menu button and go through the options until you find Full-Scan or similar. Select this option.

If none of the above actions work, then you should consult the product handbook or speak to the radio manufacturer directly. 

Please note: DAB technology is such that there is no guarantee you will hear your station of choice. The local topography, the structure of the building you are in, the position of the aerial, all have a bearing. Do refer to your digital radio’s manual for specific instructions.


What if I still can’t hear UCB 2 on DAB?

You can hear both stations online (ucb.co.uk/listen) and on the downloadable UCB Player app.

You can also listen online by clicking on radioplayer.co.uk and typing UCB 1 or UCB 2 into the Search UK Radio box.


Where can I obtain answers to other questions?

You can call UCB Supporter Care on 01782 911 000.


How can I help?

Please pray for the expansion and stand with us as we raise funds for this great opportunity. You can donate online at ucb.co.uk/donate.

Thank you.