UCB Word For Today - Just For You


The UCB Word For Today – Just For You is a brand-new resource designed for people who are exploring faith, whether they’re just curious about Christianity or wanting to dig deeply into the message of Jesus. Just For You has 30 days of readings (taken from the UCB Word For Today) which will take the reader on a journey from why Jesus died through to the hope that’s found in the Cross.


What is Just For You?



The resource also includes some real-life stories of people whose lives have been changed after an encounter with Jesus, as well as the 3 Reasons (a prayer of salvation) and links to further resources. It’s a great tool to give to friends or family or for use at special events.

Just For You is available completely free of charge, although we do ask you to cover the cost of postage and packing. You can also choose to give a donation which helps UCB to continue to produce and share resources just like this. This is completely optional. You can order up to 25 copies through this page, or if you require a larger amount, please ring UCB’s Supporter Care Team on 01782 911 000.

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