Jesus Then And Now in 30 Minutes

This exciting new Bible-based podcast series from UCB follows the history-changing life of Jesus - from His unusual birth to His strange departure - recorded on location in the places where He actually lived!

Join David Taviner (UCB’s Director of Broadcasting) and Mike Beaumont (Bible teacher, writer, preacher, and pastor) for an incredible journey from Nazareth in the north to sacred sites in the south.

Explore the Holy Land and discover new connections between the life of Jesus recorded in the Gospels and what that means for each of us in today’s world.

Let Dave and Mike take you on a tour of the places where Jesus walked and hear about His life on earth. It may have been two thousand years ago, but there are so many lessons for our lives today!

Listen to Jesus, Then and Now – in 30 Minutes – plus other Christian podcasts – on UCB Player or your favourite podcast provider.

Podcast Episode Guides


For this podcast, Mike Beaumont has written Episode Guides that include background information, Bible passages, and his own photographs of the locations (all text and images are Mike's copyright). Follow this page for each week's brand-new Guide. 

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