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The Bible is filled with battles, catastrophes, and plagues, from David and Goliath to the story of Jericho’s walls. But, more importantly, it's filled with stories of God’s people finding the strength and hope to overcome fear.

There’s no doubt we live in challenging times. We’re surrounded by messages which could easily make us live in fear. But God's Word promises hope, a way to overcome fear for good. Jesus never promised an easy life. In fact, he told us to expect hardships and trouble, but God’s Word has never changed and it never will. It’s a firm foundation to stand on (Matthew 7:24-27), an unshakeable refuge in tough times (Psalm 46:1-3) and the place to run to when we need reassurance, hope and security (Psalm 91). Thank God for his incredible Word!

Here at UCB, we want to encourage you to get into God’s Word. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing lots of ways to help you do that, from inspiring teaching on UCB’s two Christian radio stations, Bible reading plans tackling big issues like loneliness, fear and isolation, and encouraging posts on Facebook and Twitter and lots more. When we get into God’s Word, we are changed from the inside out (Romans 12:2). Reading the Bible transforms our lives, attitudes, responses and emotions. Fear is exchanged for faith and peace replaces anxiety, stress and isolation.

Join us here at UCB as together, we get into God’s Word.


Tune in to God's Word with UCB 1 and UCB 2


Looking for faith-filled Christian teaching, great Christian music and an atmosphere that will encourage and inspire you? We have just what you need, with two Christian Radio stations to choose from.

UCB 1 features the ‘top ten’ in today’s contemporary Christian music as well as discussion programmes and regular news updates. UCB 2 focuses on Praise and Worship music and is the perfect soundtrack to whatever you’re doing. Be inspired, tune in now.


Listen to UCB 1
Morning Workout with Steve Best

Morning workouts with Steve Best on the Breakfast Show.

Listen on UCB 1 every weekday, 5-9am

Listen to UCB 2
Bible blogs in 30 minutes

Many characters in the Bible faced huge, impossible situations. How did they get through it? 

Listen to all the episodes below.

Top picks on Christian podcasts

Looking for inspiration? Listen to life-changing testimonies, inspiring Bible teaching and catch up with UCB Christian Radio shows.




Experience God's word with UCB Player


Hoping to dive in to the thriving power of God's Word? Here at UCB, we want to give you access to wonderful Bible teaching videos and sermons that help you to understand the richness of the scriptures. Explore our Video on Demand on UCB Player, watch Hillsong TV, watch inspiring testimonies, and so much more.

Experience the living Word of God and dive deeper into His teachings!

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Disciplining your Children - The Mum Show

Parenting hacks on how to discipline your children in godly ways.

Watch this empowering episode of The Mum Show


The Big Miss Part 1 - Brian Houston, Hillsong TV

Have you ever missed the mark?

Watch this challenging message from Brian Houston


Controlling Your Mind and Emotions (2) - Leon Fontaine

How to root your reasoning, desires and emotions in God's Word.

Watch this powerful message from Leon Fontaine


Living Life to its Fullest - Bayless Conley

Does your heart long for more to life?

Watch this inspiring message from Bayless Conley


Get into God's Word with UCB


Have you been struggling to get into the Bible every day? God's Word is accessible to us, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether you want to read through Bible series on your phone with YouVersion or you want to hold a Word For Today devotional in your hand every morning, you can get into God's Word every day with our library of resources and join us in bible discussions on our Bible Study Facebook Page.

Let God enrich your life by getting into his Word.


UCB Word For Today - Read today's reading

With daily readings based on Scripture, articles, and things to pray about, the UCB Word For Today is designed to help you get into the habit of spending time with God every day.


When You're discouraged

What do you do when you’re feeling discouraged?
Read the brand new UCB YouVersion Bible reading plan here.


Discover the many names of God - A blog by David L'Herroux

Throughout the Bible, God is given many names and each of them reveal a precious truth about his qualities and character.
Read more here.


UCB Word For You - Read today's reading

Word For You is UCB’s alternative daily devotional aimed predominantly at young adults. It has daily readings based on the Bible, blended with thought-provoking articles on a variety of topics.


tips to help you get talking to God.

We all know we should pray, but sometimes it can be really challenging.
Read some great tips here. 


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