“I had dark and challenging moments back in 2003. Nothing seemed to be working; I was depressed, hopeless and felt defeated. In the June of that year, I found a copy of Word for Today in my brother's room that he brought from Manchester, UK....and it talked about how Elijah ran from Jezebel and was dwelling in the cave depressed and felt defeated through fear. And God's word came to him and said Elijah what are you doing here (paraphrased). Immediately, at that moment, I felt a resounding voice in the room that said "Richard, what are you doing here". Our Lord, who is the light of the world, shone His light on my life that day, my eyes were opened and I saw how I had been living in darkness, locked Myself In the house for two months without bathing or shaving my beards. God brought me into His light that day and I couldn't stop crying when I realized how much He loves me but kept beating myself down. I gave my life back to Him and the journey has been so amazing since that day.” Richard

“After a shock illness my 19 year old son died suddenly last year. My family and I were devastated, I wanted to read every piece of Christian literature to try and understand why such an awful thing had happened. Hearing about other families who have suffered, experienced and come through a similar tragedy gives my family the strength to carry on. I have gained so much comfort from UCB and know God is speaking to my family through UCB. ” Grace

Both of these stories are real lives which have been changed for good by the power of God’s Word. For every life changed however, there are thousands more who are searching aimlessly for the truth; please help us to reach out to those in need and donate today.