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In partnership with our friends at OneHope, UCB offers a wide range of free resources that help young people engage with the Gospel.

The resources below are all provided for free (although postage and packaging will apply).

What is the Book of Hope?

The Book of Hope is a Scripture book designed to engage and speak to the heartfelt needs of children and youth within various cultures, clearly showing them God's redemptive plan through Christ's life, death and resurrection. In the UK, there are several editions aimed at various age groups so that each child or young person can comprehend and engage with the message. We're delighted that over 3.7m Books of Hope have been distributed in the UK since 2007.

UCB distributes the Book of Hope in the UK and Europe. For orders to other countries please see OneHope's ministry request form.

What about 'digital'?

We live in a digital age where the average UK teenager has six digital devices! Bearing this in mind, we know it is vital to share the gospel on the platforms used by young people. OneHope and UCB offer several new digital resources that aim to do just that - engage the next generation with God's Word online. Check out KnowMyStory for a great example.

Bible App for Kids

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Youth Resources

KnowMyStory - Book
The KnowMyStory Book of Hope, targeted to ages 12+, features the real life stories of young people throughout the UK, who have wrestled with hurt, abuse, mistreatment and a search for meaning in life. Yet, against all odds, these individuals have found new life, real hope and courage to speak out. The book also features short Bible stories that present a fresh perspective on life and how to live in our ever changing world. Throughout the book youth can also use their mobile, QR reader or follow the links provided to find professional help for challenges. The links additionally connect to short films exploring stories from the Bible and to the full versions of personal life stories on the KnowMyStory website.


KnowMyStory - Website
KnowMyStory is a free online resource that looks at the real life stories of UK young people, who have wrestled with hurt, abuse, being wronged and finding the meaning of life. Telling personal stories through online videos, with Bible reflections and study tools, KnowMyStory offers OneHope UK’s most interactive and relatable tool yet. Targeted to secondary school age and upward (12+).

KnowMyStory - Programme for RE Teachers
The KnowMyStory series is a resource for Religious Education teachers which presents a Christian worldview in the classroom. The content is presented through the use of personal testimonies, community service activities and interactive discussions. This programme is targeted for students ages: 12-18. Each lesson includes a short film with a live action drama. The live action is paired with a Bible engagement capsule. The second short film is a testimony from a young person who shares their story and journey of discovering hope.

Kid's Resources

The Promised One: A Christmas Book of Hope
Geared for upper-primary ages, this book walks the reader through the promises God made to His people from the beginning of time and how they were fulfilled with the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

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The Bible App for Kids: Book of Hope
The Bible App for Kids: Book of Hope takes the reader on an adventure, exploring stories taken directly from The Bible App for Kids, showing children what it means to trust and follow Jesus. A great resource for parents/guardians to read to younger children. The activities and discussion points not only encourage children to better understand the truth found in God’s Word, but ultimately invites them to be a part of the greatest discovery of all, God’s Big Story. (Most suitable for children aged 4-11)


Book of Hope: Story Book edition
This version of the Book of Hope is designed for children under 5 and non-readers. Packed with colour and carefully researched child-friendly content, read with your child as they learn the message behind Noah's ark, join in Daniel's trials in the lions' den, and follow Jesus through his life, death and resurrection.


Book of Hope: Primary School and Children’s edition
Perfect for children aged 5-8 years, this edition uses the popular concept of the salvation bracelet, explaining the story of Jesus in 5 colours. The book includes the plan of salvation which is appropriate for children in this age group.


17 Stories: Teacher's Manual
17 Stories is a children’s programme for children aged 6-12 that encourages them to learn key Bible stories and share their faith. The teacher’s manual and collectable cards teach 16 Bible stories - with the 17th story illustrating God’s big story and His love for us. Each card contains an illustration from the lesson on one side and part of the ‘God’s big story’ puzzle on the other side.

(To effectively use 17 Stories, you will need to order one training DVD, a teacher's manual and a card set for each child participating. Before you begin, be sure to watch the training DVD, which is also available digitally via the link to the side.)

17 Stories Teacher's Manual


Card Sets (1/child)


17 Stories Training DVD


Teacher’s Manual - Book of Hope: Primary School edition
This 28-page manual is designed with six sections on character education which include: caring for the environment, obeying rules, solving problems peacefully and respect for yourself. It is ideal to use in children’s groups, school classrooms or even in the comfort of your own home with your child.
Teachers Manual - Book of Hope: Children’s animation edition
This 44-page manual goes hand in hand with the Children's Animation Edition. Both have pictures from The GodMan, and work equally perfectly alongside and completely independently from it. The book is ideal for use in children’s groups, school classrooms or at home with your child.
GodMan DVD
GodMan is a live-action, animated re-telling of the story of Christ’s life, innovatively sharing God’s Word with children who can’t read or in places where gospel literature can’t go. Ideal partnered with the “Children’s Animated Edition Book of Hope” (which used imagery from the film), the GodMan is available free from UCB.

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