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Try slowing down (2)

03 July 2022
‘Whoever believes will not act hastily.’

Every time we get into a ‘hurry mode’, we send a ‘state of emergency’ signal to our bodies. And they respond by releasing the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol, which are used to prepare us for dealing with danger. Our bodies can’t tell the difference between physical danger, or the fear of being late, or any other form of stress and pressure. They only know that some action needs to be taken and that they must energise us to deal with the threat we’re facing. This is a good thing if we really are being physically threatened. But to live with a body that’s constantly on high alert is like fighting a non-stop boxing match. Sooner or later, we pay the price in burnout, exhaustion, oversensitivity, or even illness.

One way to deal with ‘hurry mode’ is to think of A-B-C: Awareness, Belief, Change. Become aware of your continual high-gear mode and what part you play each time you hurry. Ask yourself, ‘How could I have prevented this?’ Believe that the Holy Spirit will give you victory if you ask Him and begin to change your behaviour. Change – consciously slow down. Talk slower, move slower. Doing things in a rush can cause duplication of work, accidents, and other things that result in wasted time.

Here’s a question: are you speed-reading today’s devotion? If you are, this advice is for you: try taking twice as long to read and meditate on what you’re reading, and ask God, ‘What are you saying to me? What changes do you want to bring about in my life? What do you want me to improve?’ God isn’t in a hurry, so slow down and get in sync with Him.


What Now?

As you go through your day, try to be aware of times when you’re rushing things. As soon as you realise, try taking a step back from what you’re doing (physically, if it helps), and spend a moment connecting with God and asking for serenity in the situation.

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