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21 June 2022
‘The word of God…effectively works in you who believe.’

When we read God’s Word and believe it and act on it, it’s like seeds growing inside us. Those seeds have life. We don’t have to understand the process they go through to grow, we just have to water, nurture, and protect them. And it’s the same with Scripture.

Paul writes, ‘You welcomed it not as the word of men, but as it is in truth, the word of God, which also effectively works in you who believe’ (v.13 NKJV). Remember the phrase ‘effectively works in you’. God’s Word is self-sustaining; it doesn’t need validation from others. In the New Testament, when Jesus was walking on the water towards His disciples, Peter said, ‘Lord, if it’s you…tell me to come’ (Matthew 14:28 NIV). Jesus gave him one word, ‘Come’ (v.29 NIV), and Peter started walking. The other disciples probably didn’t believe Peter could do it, because they didn’t really understand who was speaking to him. ‘They thought [Jesus] was a ghost’ (Mark 6:49 NIV)!

This story contains an important lesson for all of us: when God speaks to us through His Word, we mustn't expect everybody to understand, agree, or support us. It’s natural for us to want people to see what we see, understand our perspective, and believe in what we’re doing. But in this Scripture, God prepares us for rejection by those who don’t understand what God has told us. Other people’s opinions can make us doubt what God’s said to us. Sometimes He’ll confirm what He told you through others, and sometimes He won’t. But as long as you feed on His Word and believe it, it ‘effectively works in you’.


What Now?

Try doing your Bible reading and prayer time in a garden or park, or another place where you can see plants growing. As you spend time with God, ask that His Word will nourish and strengthen you, even when you don’t understand His ways of working.

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