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14 May 2022
‘He said, “Tomorrow.”’

In Exodus, every plague that God sent to Egypt mocked one of their gods. For example, the Egyptians worshipped a goddess who had the head of a frog…and one of the plagues God sent was a lot of frogs! Finally, Pharaoh called for Moses and basically said, ‘All right, I give up.’ But when Moses asked him, ‘When do you want me to get rid of the frogs?’ Pharaoh’s response was ‘Tomorrow.’

Why didn't he say 'Now'? Why would he wait any longer to have the frogs removed? But we sometimes do the same. We put off changes that we know would be good for us, like swapping some healthier foods into our meals, taking a step back from an unhealthy relationship, starting a Bible reading plan, and so on. Maybe we’re unconcerned. Maybe we’re too tired to change. Maybe we’re scared because we don’t know what impact the changes will have, or what exactly is involved. Maybe we’re just too proud and stubborn. Whatever the reason, we procrastinate.

NASA engineers know that most of the fuel used in a rocket launch is burned during the first few seconds of lift-off. It takes an enormous amount of energy and thrust to move the rocket off the launch pad. Once it’s moving and headed for orbit, it needs less fuel and is easier to control. It has conquered inertia.

It’s one thing to know God can solve our problem and change our lives, but it's another to overcome our inertia and let Him begin to do it now. We keep saying, ‘One day…’ The truth is, Jesus has the power to make changes in us today. He'll give us the power to begin and the power to keep going. It’s never too late for Him to get to work in our lives.


What Now?

Is there a change or improvement you’ve been meaning to make, but never managed to get round to it? Today, ask God to show you the first step you can take – and then take it. Even if it’s a very small step, be joyful that you’ve made a start!

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