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Evidence of God (4)

12 January 2022
‘Always be ready to answer everyone who asks you to explain the hope you have.’

In 1 Peter 3, we read this: ‘Always be ready to answer everyone who asks you to explain about the hope you have, but answer in a gentle way and with respect’ (v.15-16 NCV). We can sometimes underestimate the importance of our own personal testimonies, but the reality is that they’re so valuable in sharing evidence of God. Our first-hand experience of God’s goodness could be the thing that someone connects with and encourages them to find out more about God. We don’t have to embellish our testimony or try to make it seem more exciting. All we need to do is truthfully lay out the facts and the experiences we had, then trust God for the rest. We might think our story isn’t very dramatic and won’t have much of an impact; but God’s in everything, the big things and the small things of life. Our honesty in telling our story just as it happened, and even revealing our own doubts and explaining that there are some parts we don’t understand, can be just as powerful to our listener and open the door to a real, worthwhile conversation about God. And we can even encourage ourselves with stories of what God’s done for us. When we look back and remember all the times He’s been good to us, the times He’s walked beside us, and the times He’s guided and sheltered us, we can grow our confidence and trust in Him when we’re beginning to have our own doubts. People might argue that the Bible isn’t inspired by God, or that Jesus didn’t perform miracles, and so on. But nobody can argue with the evidence of a life transformed because of our faith in Him.

What Now?

Do you know someone who’s struggling with doubts about God? Try having a chat with them about why you trust God, and share a time when you saw His hand at work in your life.

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