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Evidence of God (1)

09 January 2022
‘He never left them without evidence of himself.’

There’s a joke about some scientists who are arguing with God: ‘We can do transplants, clone cells, save lives, and thousands of other miraculous things. We don’t need You anymore.’ God listens patiently, then says, ‘How about this: if you can make a human, the same way I made Adam, then I’ll leave you alone.’ The scientists agree and start scooping up handfuls of dirt. But God stops them: ‘No, no. Get your own dirt.’ That’s only a joke, but a few years ago, scientists actually managed to make a very simple living cell. They copied bacteria from a goat intestine, looked at each of its genes, and turned them off one at a time. If the cell died, they determined that gene was essential to life. Eventually, they stripped it down to just 473 genes. But here’s where it gets interesting. They know the cell is alive, but they don’t know how. Nearly one third of the genes have no known purpose, but without them, the cell dies. And just like in the joke, the scientists had to start with something God had already created. There are so many things we don’t know the answers to. God may reveal the answers to us at some point, and there may also be some things He’ll keep to Himself. We might think a single cell is quite a simple thing, but when we look at it closely, it’s so much more complex than we realise. And it’s the same with all of creation. The beauty and complexity of it is beyond anything we could invent for ourselves. The Bible says, ‘He never left them without evidence of himself and his goodness’ (v.17 NLT). We can see God’s hand everywhere, and we’re so blessed to be able to have a personal relationship with Him.

What Now?

Write down some of the questions you want to ask God. Share them with Him and ask Him to reveal the answers, if it’s the right time and if it’s His will for you to know.

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