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A time of testing

30 November 2021
‘Until the time came to fulfil his dreams, the LORD tested Joseph’s character.’

God might not respond in the exact way and at the exact time we want Him to, but His timing is always perfect. ‘The Lord will withhold no good thing from those who do what is right’ (Psalm 84:11 NLT). It’s difficult to watch God blessing others while we’re forced to wait. The Bible tells us, ‘Until the time came to fulfil his dreams, the Lord tested Joseph’s character.’ God’s plan was for Joseph to live in a palace, but for years he lived in a prison, charged with crimes he never committed. But it was there that he met a butler who had the ear of Pharaoh, and through this connection, Joseph was promoted to the number-two spot in Egypt. When we walk with God, our opportunities are regulated by His plan, not by someone else’s actions. And preparation always comes before promotion. When Elijah called down fire from heaven on Mount Carmel, everybody admired and applauded him. But then he spent years living through a famine, and the only friend he had was an impoverished widow. Together they had to trust God for every meal. That’s when Elijah learned important lessons about humility, divine guidance, and trusting God in times of need; things that don’t necessarily make sense to our human minds at first. When God is going to build something great, He takes time to lay a strong foundation. ‘Jesus grew…in favour with God and man’ (Luke 2:52 NIVUK). If you’re in a season of waiting at the moment, embrace it, because God’s doing important work within you. Allow yourself time to grow and let Him build a firm foundation under you that will sustain and strengthen you in the years ahead.

What Now?

Try to turn times of waiting into times of praise and joy. Whenever you’re waiting for a bus, in a checkout queue, waiting for the microwave to ping, and so on, spend the time praying and praising God.

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