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Don’t move too quickly

26 November 2021
‘Be still in the presence of the LORD, and wait patiently for him to act.’

Before David became the king of Israel, he spent years looking after a flock of sheep in the wilderness. It wasn’t the most impressive start, especially for a future king. But it was where he built his relationship with God and sharpened his skills as a strategist and warrior. God will let us practise in a place where our weaknesses can be worked on, our gifts and skills can be developed, and where the mistakes we make as we’re learning won’t affect too many other people. When a pilot is taking off, they stay in constant communication with air traffic control. They’ll be told, ‘You’re cleared for five thousand feet.’ Then they’ll be told to hold and wait for further instructions. Then, ‘You’re cleared for ten thousand feet,’ ‘You’re cleared for twenty thousand feet,’ and so on, until they’ve reached the height they need to continue their journey safely. There are two points for us to take note of here. First, the pilot never loses touch with air traffic control, and listens to their guidance. Second, they can’t just go up to maximum height straight away; the controller sees the bigger picture and clears them in stages to ensure there are no other aircraft or hazards in the way. And we need to do the same when it comes to following God’s plan. He sees the whole journey and knows that if we rise too quickly, there are dangers. When we trust Him, we’ll get to our destination safely. God’s plan can’t be rushed. Maybe you’re in a ‘wilderness’ at the moment, but it won’t last forever. ‘Be still in the presence of the Lord, and wait patiently for him to act.’

What Now?

Find a live flight tracker online. As you watch the planes moving across the map, thank God that He sees the whole route in your journey with Him and knows all the potential hazards and obstacles. Whenever you see or hear a plane flying, use it as a reminder to check in with Him that you’re on the right track.

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