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Feeling depressed (4)

09 November 2021
‘The LORD said to him, ‘Go back the way you came, and go to the Desert of Damascus.’

God told Elijah to go to the Desert of Damascus and anoint a new king and also a new prophet to take his place (see v.15-17). In other words, He gave Elijah a new assignment. When we’re going through a time of depression, it’s likely there’ll come a point when we need to let God give us a new direction. He’ll help us take our focus away from the pain of past hurts and problems, and refocus on something new. He might show us ways that we can use our experiences to help others who are going through something similar. Scripture says, ‘Do not be interested only in your own life, but be interested in the lives of others’ (Philippians 2:4 NCV). We might think we’ve failed so badly that God can’t use us, or that He shares the disappointment that we feel about ourselves. But God is gentle and understanding, and He won’t reject us. Nothing in the account of Elijah suggests that God was disappointed with him. In fact, it reassures us even more about God’s love, because He was willing to walk with Elijah through depression. He didn’t once turn His back on Elijah while he was struggling with his feelings. In the New Testament, Jesus knew that Peter would deny Him, but He called him anyway, because He knew Peter would learn and grow through the experience and go on to even greater things. God hasn’t finished with us. If we make a mistake, He’ll pick us up and help us start again. One mistake – or hundreds – doesn’t make us useless, and God has just the right assignment waiting for us at the appropriate time. So let’s be open to what He’s saying to us, and allow Him to use us for His kingdom.

What Now?

Do you know anyone who is experiencing feelings of depression? Today, try to have a chat with them and sensitively reassure them of God’s love and that you care for them too.

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