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Recognising God’s voice

15 October 2021
‘Speak, LORD. I am your servant and I am listening.’

When Samuel was a boy and was working in the temple, he didn’t recognise God’s voice when He spoke to him. But later, as a prophet, God spoke to an entire nation through him. Learning to recognise God’s voice isn’t a skill that we develop overnight, because He speaks to us at different times, in different ways, and in different settings. Recognising God’s voice: 1) Calls for spiritual maturity. Jesus said, ‘The sheep follow him, for they know his voice’ (John 10:4 NKJV). Notice that He said His sheep know His voice, not His lambs. Lambs follow adult sheep until their senses are trained and they've learned what to listen for. That means there’s grace for young people, immature people, and those who are His new followers. If our spiritual ears aren’t developed yet, God will work with us until they are. 2) Means not being limited by your previous experiences. When God spoke to Moses, a mountain shook, whereas He spoke to Elijah in a still, small voice. Don’t limit God, and don’t try to figure Him out. He can speak to us through the Bible, through pastors and those who teach His Word, through a song, through a painful situation, and through our thoughts and desires when we’re submitted to Him. The key is to stay close to God and keep focused and listening. 3) Means being obedient: David said, ‘I take joy in doing your will’ (Psalm 40:8 NLT). When it comes to recognising God’s voice, our response shouldn't be 'When I get around to it,' ‘If I can fit it in,' or ‘I’ll think about it.’ ‘If they obey and serve Him, they shall spend their days in prosperity, and their years in pleasures’ (Job 36:11 NKJV).

What Now?

Every time you think you’ve heard from God, make a quick note of what you think He’s said. Next time you pray, ask Him to confirm whether the things you’ve heard are definitely from Him or definitely not.

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