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Thinking about others (2)

29 September 2021
‘Being kind to the poor is like lending to the LORD; he will reward you for what you have done.’

Here are four ways in which we can express kindness and generosity towards others. 1) Giving our time. Giving a few hours of our time to someone, especially if we’re usually busy, can mean the world to a person who’s hurting. 2) Giving our skills. There are so many organisations and charities that can use our skills in their efforts to help others. We can also use them to help a friend or someone in our community. Are you good at cooking? Why not prepare a meal or bake a cake for someone who’s lonely. Can you handle a paintbrush? You could offer to paint a garden fence for someone who’s experiencing health problems at the moment. There are countless ways we can use our skills to bless others. 3) Giving our treasure. The Bible says: ‘Being kind to the poor is like lending to the Lord; he will reward you for what you have done.’ That doesn’t mean we should give because we’ll get something in return, but when we’re giving with the right motives, we shouldn’t be afraid of being generous, because God will honour our compassion. 4) Giving our temperament. Everyone we meet is struggling with something and fighting battles they usually don’t talk about. So a smile and a word of encouragement can be like a lifeline that helps keep them afloat that day. We need to decide, ‘I will not let this day end until I have said or done something to help, bless, and encourage another person.’ Today pray: ‘Father, thank You for every resource and advantage You’ve given me. Help me to always remember that these blessings are from You, and that they should be shared with others for Your glory. In Jesus’ name, amen.’

What Now?

Make a list of all the different ways you could use your skills to make life a little bit better for others. Even if you think something is too easy or too small, it could be a huge blessing to someone. Try and put one or two of the things on your list into action each week, if you can. 

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