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16 September 2021
‘They will know that you are the LORD, that only you are God Most High.’

The Israelites called God Jehovah, a name they thought of as inexpressible and inexplicable. The name means the ‘self-existing one’; the ‘I am’. He existed before all things, He is the creator of all things. He was perceived as an awesome but seemingly impersonal, unknowable being. But God wanted us to know Him in a personal way, so in Scripture He added five revealing titles to the name Jehovah, five word-portraits to help us understand and relate to Him. The Israelites usually discovered the truth of these word-portraits during times of crisis and distress. And they can encourage us too. The first one we’re going to look at is Jehovah-Jireh: the Lord will see, the Lord will provide. Abraham was about to sacrifice his son when God provided a lamb as an offering in Isaac’s place. And in response Abraham called God Jehovah-Jireh, the Lord who sees and provides. But it doesn’t just apply to Abraham. Jesus said, ‘Your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things’ (Matthew 6:32 NKJV). Like a caring, responsive parent, God sees His children’s needs before they do, and provides the solution. We don’t have to beg, bargain and plead to get what we need. That might make us wonder why we don’t always get what we ask for. It’s because God knows what we really need, and He’ll provide it at exactly the right time. Often the things we think we need turn out to be things we want. God knows the difference. Remember Jehovah-Jireh sees our needs, and because He sees them He will provide for them!

What Now?

Thank God for being your Jehovah-Jireh, who knows and sees your needs and makes sure they’re met in His perfect timing.

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