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Strengthening family

02 June 2021
‘Bear with each other and forgive one another.’

Our families can be great sources of love, comfort and support. But they can also be sources of stress and conflict. So we each need to play our part in strengthening our families and bringing God’s love into their midst. Here are a few things to keep in mind: 1) Family can be one of Satan’s favourite targets. He was angry because Job’s family was a source of delight to God. So when our family is harmonious and blessed, he’ll try to attack it. He wants to stir up trouble and disappointment, using our weaknesses. He tries to take our focus away from God and onto ourselves, and fuels our imagination so we’ll have unrealistic expectations of others. We should try to be protective over our families and try to build our awareness of how Satan might use our weaknesses against us so we’re ready if he tries to attack. 2) Our mindset determines our mood. Thoughts have presence. The moment someone walks into a room, they can often sense conflict or contentment, jealousy or joy, etc. And attitudes are contagious. One bad-tempered or negative person can affect the feelings of the whole group. Our attitude can have an impact on our families. The good news is that it works for positive attitudes too. Even if we’re having a family disagreement, it can make such a difference to the atmosphere if we remain calm, positive and loving. 3) Understanding comes by listening. Love is about listening more and talking less. To help keep our families strong and united, we need to become good listeners so others have space to explain their feelings and share their emotions, and we can gain a better understanding of them. Let’s do everything we can to strengthen our families and demonstrate God’s love to them.

What Now?

Take some time today to pray for protection over your family or household. Ask God to show you if there’s one step you could take straight away to help your family become more united.

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