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Keep it simple

25 May 2021
‘When you are praying…’

When it comes to prayer, Jesus knew that we tend to complicate things, so He gave us this advice: ‘When you are praying, do not use thoughtless repetition…for your Father knows what you need before you ask Him’ (v.7-8). By using the words ‘thoughtless repetition’, He’s teaching us that prayer doesn’t have to be long, loud, or laboured. And because He said ‘your Father knows what you need before you ask Him,’ He’s inviting you to find a scriptural promise that corresponds to your need. Author Charles Swindoll, who uses his driving time to pray, wrote this: ‘Often I speak to God out loud. Sometimes I sing to Him. Occasionally the entire prayer will be in my mind. Each time I commit myself to prayer, I notice that God becomes my focus rather than some personal struggle. I’m relieved of worry. I’m able to release anything concerning me so that I can become altogether lost in the majesty of His presence and the joy of ministry. When I arrive, I’m excited to do as God pleases. I find myself refreshed, relieved, and ready. My mind is focused. My heart is prepared. My emotions are clear, and whatever was troubling me when I began that drive no longer concerns me. Prayer has made that possible. Now I wish I could say I use every commute every day for time in prayer. But like many people, I often forget. My mind will be spinning from one problem to the next and rather than pray, I churn. At times I’ll be so anxious it doesn’t occur to me that I should quit worrying and commence praying.’ When we’re praying, let’s keep it simple and frequent.

What Now?

Write out your list of prayer requests for the day. Then share your requests with God in the plainest and simplest way you can – try to share each one in just a sentence or two to help you keep things simple.

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